Saturday, 4 February 2017

Math-magic at Dadar BMC

Have you ever been to a magic show? I did, just a few weeks back on the 18th of December, 2016 & No, it wasn't held in a dark hall but at Dadar's BMC. Surprised?
     Let me explain. On 18th December 2016 a BMC session was held by a very renowned mathematician or as i like to call her math-magician Mrs Shubha Patankar. I know you are still confused as of how a mathematician can perform magic tricks? To answer this question I have to tell you the stuff she has done in the session and believe me, you won't be asking the question at the end of this article.
    Maths in particular is a very dry and boring subject which isn't exactly loved by the students (many just hate it). But the question is, can this subject be made to be loved? Maybe if the teaching style was changed and that's exactly what this teacher offered - A new approach towards Maths. She started off with different tricks to solve complicated maths puzzles easily, which attracted the attention of he audience,as they were not expecting something like this. And then she went on to teach us how to calculate area and perimeter with the help of a single paper. To add to the excitement, she also introduced ways of how to remember Mathematical terms in an easy way. Games were played to solve puzzles and improve concentration (whoever said gaming was a waste of time,think again). By now even the adults attending the  session were enjoying themselves like little kids. And no,if you think that's where the session ended you are sooo wrong.
  After a fun filled play and learning,we were further explained the importance of understanding a question and interpreting it and how crucial it is in order to score well in competitive exams. Origami and paper cutting were used as a creative and fun way to understand geometric shapes and figures (I wish my geometry teacher did that). And for the ones getting cozy in their seats, there were exercises too, which got you up and going and fresh throughout the session. For the shortcut lovers there were a few tricks of how to get the solution to problems in a few seconds! And you know what the best part is? It was all fun and enjoyable and I didn't feel, for even a second, that I was studying.

     Now, getting back to your question (if you are still asking it) Why'd I call her a magician? Well,if a person can make people love and enjoy the most hated and boring subject, there has to be some magic involved, don't you think?

Saturday, 21 November 2015

New Batch for our little rockstars (5-7 year olds)

MATHSQUEST is introducing a new batch for our little rockstars (5-7 years) from 1st December, 2015. And due to requests and demands, we have decided to make this batch a regular one.

We make learning easy by actually making children feel that they aren't learning. How? We play games, sing songs, participate in activities, solve puzzles and much more. We keep introducing new tricks and games so that the kids never get bored or tired and thus keep them interested in Maths.
Kids become more confident due to interaction with other kids and participating in different games and activities.

So what are you waiting for? Give your kid a chance to become a Maths genius and increase his/her speed and accuracy in Maths. 
For enrolment details, kindly contact us on : 9869323547 or you can even drop in your queries on our Facebook page :

Friday, 13 November 2015

Diwali face off : You vs Maths

Hey there folks! We are back again.This Diwali we will fill you up not with cracker smoke but rather with lots of knowledge.
Whats the catch here, you may ask? Its vaccation time.Why would anyone wanna get bored at a Maths seminar? And what if I say , we are not going to sit there and bore ourselves to deaths( for that we haveb saas bahu serials :p) but rather have fun! Fun and maths? Eh....Never heard of these two come togeether , even in a sentence.Well then, why hear it? When you can experience it!
Heres what we do :
Games - Who doesnt love games!
Activities - To keep you involved and stop you frpm falling asleep
Group discussions - To teach you how to work as a team
Mind racking Puzzles - To prevent your brain from falling asleep
Join us on this roler coaster ride, play , laugh , have fun! and yes also learn ( without actually realising it).
So, if you are ready to amaze your teachers , shock your friends, surprise your parents and give a good completition to pados ke Sharma Jis son, come along, you wont be dissapointed.You dont even have to wait long as our next batch will be on :
14th november to 20th November at Nahar,Amritshakti
( Age groups :  1)  4-7 years 2) 8-12 years and 3) 13+)
Register quick! You dont wanna regret not coming.
Call (or watsapp ) us on : 9869323547

Sunday, 8 November 2015

An evening to remember!

mathsquest fun corner, powai

Team Mathsquest was back to interact with little future Maths Geniuses at Pawar Public School, Powai recently.

An exclusive Mathsquest fun corner was set up at Pawar Public School on the 6th of November 2015, filled with various games which the kids could enjoy. And what's better? It was absolutely free of cost, making it a perfectly joyous evening for both kids and their parents. The kids were encouraged to perform to their fullest by rewarding them prizes on their victory. Along with exchange of knowledge, there was also exchange of giggles and laughter. So even the kids who didn't win any prize took something home with them - knowledge and memories, and also left something behind - their fear for Maths.

That's exactly we intended to do.

If you wish your kids to experience the same, then what are you waiting for?

Register today at MATHSQUEST for its upcoming Diwali Vacation Batch starting on 14 November 2015. 
For registration, call us on 9869323547 or 9702707199.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

It's goin' to be Mathelicious

Hello Maths enthusiasts! And also non-enthusiasts. Because believe me once you attend Mathsquest, you will be!

This Diwali, fall in love like never before. And I'm not talking about YRF films. It's the season of falling in love... with MATHSQUEST!

"Dude, seriously?" would be your response. I know, sounds insane, but haven't most of us been or are in an all-hate relation with Maths? Something that's been haunting us, even in our dreams. Isn't it true? So don't you wish to get rid of these nightmares and the fear that creeps in even at the utter of its name as if it were "You know who"(Voldemort). And since we have to face it for a long time, why not learn to like it?

And that's where Mathsquest comes in. We do what you like to do. Play and have fun! Now you may wonder, but how do we learn while at play? Why not? Well, I know, our education system is not exactly the definition of fun, but Mathsquest is. And that's how we are different, or one may even say, unique.

We don't believe in teaching in the same old ways. It's a modern world, isn't it? While Harpic brings modernity to old age cleaning... our ways of imparting education stay old fashioned. Not fair, isn't it? So, with new and improved techniques, we aim for the betterment of your kids and that they're happy while they learn.

Mathsquest will be conducting a 7 day vacation batch at Kidzee (Opp L&T Gate No. 5, Mahavir Classics, Powai). The batch includes puzzles, activites, Vedic Maths tricks and lots more.
A demo will be conducted on Saturday, 31 October 2015 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am for the parents.

Why attend?
You have given several chances to the same old, non-changing and boring teaching styles and techniques, then why hesitate while opting for something new and better?

Call us, if you believe your kids deserve the best!